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Chill Cee. 21. Asian. i love and like real people, sensitive and good observer. I share what I have and please love it because I do.


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(via Cucinino Pasta atbp.)

Triple Treat, Cucinino’s Pasta Sample. Pesto Pomo Aglio

(via Cucinino Pasta atbp.)

Aglio Olio,  Cucinino’s own rendition of simple garlic and oil pasta. 

(via Cucinino Pasta atbp.)

Fresh Garden salad,  Baguio grown garden vegetables served with oilives, our house vinaigrette and parmesan cheese.

(via Cucinino Pasta atbp.)

Honey Mint Ice: Cucinino’s original drink. Fresh mint leaves infused with honey. A refreshingly minty drink

Raspberry: Bestseller: Everybody loves raspberry iced tea!

(via Cucinino Pasta atbp.)

Salsicce Panini, grilled sausages, onions, bellpepper mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce in pressed whole wheat bread

(via Cucinino Pasta atbp.)

Pasta Pomodoro, Tomato Concasse simmered with red wine and herbs. Cucinino’s first ever recipe.

(via Cucinino Pasta atbp.)

(via Lookbook Week 1) How to join and get hyped?  Hype and Register at and start your own clothing and fashion story :)

Rock + Peace

I am a WILDFOX. (by Anouska Proetta Brandon)

(via Max Restaurant)

Love (by Teri Cee)

Leather and Prints (by Fiona Megan Decano)

Fuel Chic Top

Fuel Chic Top

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